september first again

september first again

change is coming, whether you like it or not.

a strange new feature of creating fragmentary narratives that

has a hurtful nefarious impact.

this summer, of course,

I'm thinking of ending things,

is that too much to ask?

you are likely ignorant of the fact that

the bigger the highs, the deeper the troughs.

mostly inactive and sobbing and

needs to just chill the fuck out

so you can finally get some sleep in.

dipped in vermillion, close to the end you point

holding the lifeless body

that's a particular loss - but not gone.

ask me what you want to know, but I won't tell you the truth, of that you can be sure.

I was freaking out at the beginning, but I've kind of slotted into a rhythm.

I think your emotional state is totally justified.

© Copyright 2024, Rachelle Younie