into the void

into the void

fixate narrowly on abuses, in a little cafe, in silence, no longer compulsively googling.

easier to start and harder to stop.

she'd lost the sense of promise she'd once felt.

the human mind is unable to come to grips with its paradoxes and contradictions.

made me wonder if an obsession with obsession may entail risks of its own.

feels the threat throbbing beneath.

one raised with fear never learns to live without it.

a simple bargain: obey us, and we will not kill you.

a potentially deadly gamble.

stares into the abyss through whatever insanity and other generation-defining disasters.

some people are brave and immature enough to say fuck this and fuck that and start something new, or halfway new.

that's life, I guess.

© Copyright 2024, Rachelle Younie